Prism of gems

Prism of Gems is a 5-turn progressive video slot machine that comes complete with multilayer programming that gives you almost infinite possibilities with your bankroll. There are five vertical reels and 1 flat horizontal reel (MULTI-LINE). Winning combinations are eliminated. New icons cascade in from the main menu to replenish the empty spaces to possibly form future wins. This is a highly interactive and lively online casino game that will keep you coming back, bringing the thrill of slots every time you visit!

The colorful graphics and sound are sure to keep the players entertained for hours at a time as they wait patiently for their lucky break. The high-quality sounds include both the opening and closing credits as well as the sound effects for when certain icons activate. The multi-layered slots machine games are highly volatile and give the players a real thrill as they strive to complete the required pattern. This is the kind of casino game that will not let you down, no matter how experienced you are or how long you have been playing!

In terms of payout percentages, this slot machine has been receiving positive reviews from many members since its release in May of 2021. It has consistently finished in the money at all levels and is one of the best paylines offered at all of the online casinos. The high payout percentages are due to the five vertical reels that display the regular icons as they appear, as well as the bonus icons that immediately appear when you pull the trigger of one of them. A unique feature of prism of gems is that unlike many other slot machines, this machine awards jackpots in coins only, and that means that the jackpot is larger every time!